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How does ANPR for car park management work?

ANPRWe have developed automatic number plate recognition technology as an advanced digital recording system which captures multiple images of vehicle registration plates as vehicles enter and exit a car park.

These images are then analysed using our bespoke highly advanced analysis software and each vehicle movement is checked for compliance with your car park's rules and regulations.

Using our link with the DVLA, to identify the Registered Keeper of the vehicle – we are then able to send a Parking Charge Notice to collect a fee for any over stay. Our fees are carefully set at a level to deter drivers from staying beyond the allowed times, but are at all times within the guidelines of the Independent Parking Committee's Code of Practice for Approved Operators (of which we are members).

Our highly advanced ANPR camera systems are integrated with infra red panels enabling them to read number plates in the dark, and ensuring that we can operate in all weathers.